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5 years ago

TV problems when turning on

I have the Contour Box.  When I turn on my TV-system, the screen flashes off and on, stutters, and goes all black to all snow.  There is no sound.  After a few moments, there is sound but it sounds like the soundtrack to a rap song.  chugga-chugga-boom-boom.  Sometimes turning everything off and turning back on solves the issue.  Sometimes I just give up.

Any diagnosis?

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    Explain your "TV-system."  Are you using an audio-video receiver?  If so, what is the topology of your system:  all components connected to AVR, TV, HDMI hub, etc?  What other types of components are connected?  What type(s) of cables?  Identify the make/model of your TV.

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    Hi John, what device is making the "chugga-chugga-boom-boom" sound? Is it the TV or the Contour receiver itself? Another way to diagnose this would be to swap the receiver out for another one in the home. If the issue corrects itself, then this could indicate a problem with the receiver. Please ensure all connections, including the HDMI cable, are tightly secured and do not contain any damage.

    Also, do you have a soundbar or another piece of audio equipment? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      Are you suspecting HDMI-CEC?