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6 years ago

TV guide went insane about 2 months ago - picks its own favorites, won't stay on HD, goes to "trending" by itself.

Around 2 months ago, the TV guide behavior suddenly changed.  It picked dozens of favorite channels all by itself.  It started insisting on going to "trending" view no matter how many times you changed it, and no matter what channel I'm on when I bring up the guide, it goes to 58.  There's no way to remove all favorites, so I removed them one at a time, taking hours, and put back only the HD channels I wanted in favorites.  When I was done I found it had reselected dozens more channels as favorites that I didn't pick.  Is it the box, or the service?  I am moments away from calling DirecTV or Sling.

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    Update: it froze - again - so I rebooted it.  It's been trying to reboot for half an hour, just keeps saying "Welcome" and "Connecting to your entertainment experience" it's had error RDK-03030....

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      Hi AgingHippie, RDK-03030 errors occur during the boot process, and often indicate an intermittent signal issue to the receiver. I'm glad that you have a service call scheduled. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator