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2 years ago

TV Feed Stuttering

I had Cox TV for over a decade.  Up until a month ago I had been using an older cable box and had no issues at all.  I decided to request an upgrade and picked up a Contour 2 box at the store.  I set up this box and it seemed to be working correctly until the second day I turned on the TV.  Now every time I turn on the TV it has the feed for about 1-2 seconds then it "stutters" repeating the same sound from the feed over and over until I turn off the TV.  This happens repeatedly for 10 -20 minutes until I luck out and finally get a feed which doesn't stutter.

It also has the bad habit of turning on in the middle of the night.  Additionally my TV no longer recognized the other two HDMI input (Nintendo Switch and Blu Ray player).  Basically, this one box change has ruined my entire entertainment setup. 

I have tried a second box and this one has the same problem.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

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    If it's a traditional coaxial cable-box...and after swapping the cable-box...I'd suspect your splitter has finally bit the dust.  If you have another, try temporarily swapping it.

    These newer cable-boxes should always be powered on for the latest updates.  Your cable-box may be firing up your setup to update.  I'd get into the settings of Contour and turn OFF HDMI CEC.

    You'll have to expound a bit more on your TV "not recognizing" your other components.  These aren't listed when you press HDMI Input on the remote?