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5 years ago

TV Commercial

What do I have to do to get that commercial with the red haired boy buried in a deep hole? It is driving me nuts. It runs continuously, often twice in the same commercial break. It is so offensive that I went out and bought and installed my own network. I’m about ready to move to Hulu, Netflix and Prime just to avoid this commercial. I’ve been biting my tongue hoping that Cox will ditch it, but I just can’t stay quiet another day. Does anyone know how I can block this commercial?

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    You could just watch recorded programming and fast forward through commercials. 

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    At the risk of appearing like a curmudgeon, commercials nowadays are just infuriatingly awful.  I don't know if it's unskilled "talent" or marketers targeting our emotionally-vulnerable 18-34...but wit, creativity and talent have died.

    For example...and this is quite frequent...Cox "shoehorns" an implausible situation based on 1 erroneous word.  It's the commercial with a woman getting the promotion.

    She calls her doughy stay-at-home husband and says, "I got the promotion!"  ["That's great!  What's your new job title?"]  "Queen of England."  Then he psychotically launches into a CETK-like obsession of pageantry.

    She said "the" promotion...not "a" promotion.  By using the word "the," it's understood she's referring to a specific job title and presuming the husband knows the job title.  But he isn't even aware of a promotion.  Realistically, if he questions the new job title, she would have gotten mad because he previously didn't listen to her.

    It's just awful writing.