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3 years ago

tuning adapter and new cable drop being run

So my living room tuning adapter didn't want to connect to my TiVo. We tried four tuning adapters then the Cox rep made a temporary drop from the outside tap into my living room and it immediately connected.

They want to run a brand new line to my living room, which is quite a project.

He mentioned to the person making the appointment it's not a normal 6 point drop and it's a 24 point drop. No clue what all that stuff means.

Anyway should I let COX run the line or hire someone that might do a better job? I don't want lots of wires running all over my house. It needs run from the main box on the left side of my house all the way to the right side of my house. It's a two story so no attic access.

I just don't want a crappy job.

Your thoughts?


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