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4 years ago

Toronto @ Ottawa game blacked out

NHL Center Ice is showing a blackout message for this game but it does not seem to be on NHL Network or any other locally available channel.

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    As is the St. Louis and Colorado game.  I'm in Northern VA.  What gives?

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    Cox is bound by blackout rules that are dictated by the network broadcasters & content owners. Blackouts are imposed by the NHL on broadcasters and TV providers. Games shown on NHL Centre Ice are also subject to blackout restrictions. Blackouts remain intact as the local regional sports network has the rights to air these games in a specific area.

    Jonathan J
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      I love getting these canned messages from this company any time these issues come up.  There was no local RSN conflict here, and the game was not nationally available on any American network.  It should not have been blacked out and yet it was.

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        Cox has nothing to gain by blacking out certain games. As much as you don't want to believe it, it's up to the content providers. You should write them.