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3 years ago

Tivo Tuning adapters and media cards

Anyone else having a problem with Cox and Tivo tuning adapters and media cards?  My problem has been going on for 3 weeks now after Cox admitted they did something called a signal sp,it upgrade in my development.  I have two Tivo units that have not worked for 3 weeks now and absolutely nobody at Cox knows how to address the issue after several tech visits and service escalations.  Now, I am having a problem with them getting back to me pertaining to the issue after learning that they have closed the ticket, which was not resolved on Monday.  I have television (3 cable boxes and 2 tivos), Telephone, and 900 gig internet for 17 years here in Las Vegas.  I am extremely disappointed in the customer support and am considering cancellation of all my services.  I’ve been waiting for a return phone call pertaining to the status of the problem after lodging a formal complaint on Monday morning….now it is Wednesday.

Rob Williams 

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    What issues!  Have you contacted TiVo they might be able to help I know they did when I had issues with getting Cox on demand to work with Tivo