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7 years ago

TiVo channels lost

Has anyone else had trouble viewing cable channels using their TiVo box? My channels dropped out last week and only a few are now visible. The tech support people have attempted to pair the tuning adapter and the M-card, but were unsuccessful. A technician came to the house, but was unable to fix the problem. A new tuning adapter was installed with new splitters, but it was no help.

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  • Hi Kevin,

    What channels are working? Are you getting an error message when you try to tune to other channels? Since the tech's visit and the installation of new equipment, have you run the TiVo Guided Setup?

  • Hi Becky,

    I do get some channels, mostly CSPAN and shopping channels,
     7, 12, 13, 16, 17, 19, 68, 80, 81, 82, 121, 136

    TiVo says "Searching for a signal on this channel (V52)"

    We went through the pairing procedure several times including rebooting Tivo, unplugging the devices and the USB cable. I ran the TiVo Guided setup, but did not see any change.

    Will the CableCard menu tell us any useful information?


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    Kevin Haywood said:

    Will the CableCard menu tell us any useful information?


    Is your CableCARD & Tuning Adapter Cisco Or Motorola ?

    Both the CableCARD Menu and Tuning Adapter Diagnostics Menu have a ton of info that can tell you exactly what is wrong.

    Are you using TiVo's MoCA networking ? That can cause issues tuning channels also, if MoCA is being used you need a splitter and a POE Filter on the Coax going into the Tuning Adapter.

    Here is a ton of info on the Cisco Tuning Adapter if you have a Cisco TA

    For Cisco CableCARDs, I posted the following information from the CableCARD Menus

  • Thanks Bryan.

    Mine is an older Tivo Series 4 with a Motorola cablecard. The installation notes give a slightly different order of operations than the advice I received during phone support. The PDF recommends leaving the USB cable unplugged until the blinking light goes steady. I may try that next time I call.

  • Hello Kevin, Hopefully the information bryaninphx provided will prove to be helpful with your cable card. If you still find that you are still needing assistance and possibly need another tech out to the home. Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email by at and include this link to get started.
  • Finally got the right combination of equipment that works and a person that can get it installed, reset, paired, etc. I have TV channels for the first time in two weeks! All the Cox personnel were friendly, but it took a while to find a solution.

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    Okay great,

    If you have any further concerns please reach out to us.
  • and now the bill has arrived. They charged me an extra $55 for having the cable out for two weeks.

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    @Kevin Haywood

    Cox provides the Support Forums as a service to its customers to help them obtain technical support, exchange ideas, and get information relating to Cox products and services. Billing and account questions that require the sharing of personal information aren't suited for a public forum. For further assistance, please email us at with your full name and address.