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3 years ago

TiVo Box with Cable Card no longer working as of 06/28/2022

The morning of 06/28/2022, All that shows up on my TV screen is the Cox Communications Splash Screen, with music in the background. I tech was deployed and checked out all of the connections. This affected all TiVo boxes in Rhode Island (and only Rhode Island) Tier 3 tech support told me it was a Tivo Issue, and they will be fixing it. On the TiVo forum, many customers called TiVo, and they sais TiVo is aware of the issue, but it's a Cox issue, not theirs.

Getting angy and frustrated, and may drop BOTH TiVo and Cox, if this doesn't get settled soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I saw the same issue in RI. A tech came to my house and while he was here we saw the problem move from one tuner to another on my Edge. He talked to his team and learned that both Cox and Tivo were working on the issue. It was suggested that I call Tivo support to put some pressure on that end for resolution, which I did. As of the evening of 6/30, the problem seems to have been resolved.

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    I'm getting the same info...Had a service scheduled today to fix it, but I got a call from the Cox tech who said there was no sense in him coming to my house, because the issue was with a Cox & Tivo agreement that is currently being worked out.

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    Hello all,

    I can confirm it's a TiVo issue and they are working towards a resolution.

    Jonathan J
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