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Tired of techs saying it's our HDMI cables.

Well, after weeks of the intermittent black screen issue not starting until mid-evening, here we are at 2:05 with it happening on KTVKH.

Aack! $245.00 a month for poor equipment with intermittent issues and LOTS of other people experiencing the same thing! If the boxes have this "known issue," then hold your manufacturers' feet to the fire and quit putting it off on the consumer!

We've cross-checked with various kinds of connections, and it JUST KEEPS HAPPENING.

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    When I grows up, i wanna work at Cox and be the bestest connection-checker specialist in the whole, wide world!

  • Hi dkempton,

    We’ve responded to your other Forum post. Please include this post when you contact us via email, Facebook, or Twitter so we can address this issue as well.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator