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5 years ago

This device needs to be activated

I did move services. Set up everything correctly myself , have spoken with numerous tech support. Nothing.. Same error. Remove the splitter, reason cable from contour box v directly to wall. Nothing same error... I've been without cable for half a week. I'm about to cancel my service. It worked initially upon setup.. And then the screen froze and has been on error screen since .. I've replaced the box. The tech v team says the signal is strong.. Nothing . And super fustruating

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    You're doing all the correct troubleshooting by removing the splitter and swapping the box.

    I'm unsure...but did you take the cable-box with you during your move?

    How does the screw-on connector look on the coax (copper, insulation, threads, etc)?

    How does the HDMI connectors look?

    What, specifically, is the error code or message?

    Can you log into your Cox account to reset your cable box?

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    Hi Kes,

    We're able to communicate with your Contour box. If you're still experiencing an issue, please provide the error message your're seeing on your screen.

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