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2 years ago

Third party apps buffering

Cox Contour 3rd party apps like Prime Video, Netflix, and Paramount+ are impossible to watch. There is constant buffering, audio disappears sporadically, video freezes… What can I do to watch these platforms without these problems?

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    What box are you watching on? I find the wireless boxes run apps the best. If you want the best performance I suggest getting a FireTV, Roku, or Google TV adapter to use with your streaming services. Cable boxes just weren't built for them IMO.

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    Those apps function by using a modem inside the box. You have describes bad signal levels or connectivity issues, and before asking cox for a tech, I would swap the cable wire, verify all connections snug, and if you have any splitters IN the home you can easily access, i would swap them out as well, UNLESS, you have Cox Complete Care. If you have Cox Complete Care, tech visits are covered, and I would go ahead and contact Cox and request a tech.