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2 years ago

The program guide needs big time fixing!

The program guide is good for nothing. Under all sports events, that usually will say no information, even though there’s plenty of information on the DIRECTV program guides and others similarly to that one. Or often times it will have one program listed and it will be a different one that airs. And we are also several seconds behind DIRECTV in that I hear sports scores and sports events before I see it on Cox cable. What good is that? And for TV comedy shows don’t just describe what the show is about, put in the actual episode information! Do something about the program guide for the horrible amount of money we are paying.

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  • Hi Sheryl. I can understand how frustrating it is when you don't get information about a particular show in the guide. I apologize that we get the information that shows in the guide and programs that air from the broadcasters. The delay of live sports on TV can vary depending on a number of factors, including the sport being broadcast, the location of the event, and the specific broadcaster or network airing the event as well as the broadcast format. I apologize for this. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    I can understand what Sheryl is talking about.  Often, the guide is missing information that is apparently available to other program sources and is incorrect in what is actually being broadcast.  It often omits information that is available but fails to display it properly often affecting programs in the season pass to fail to record. For the generous amount we pay for the programming, it should also take into effect late changes in programming due to news worthy broadcasts or games that extend beyond scheduled times.  Perhaps a bit much to ask, but certainly worthy of consideration.

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      Except that the information in the program guide is supplied by the broadcasters. 

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        Except the information from the broadcasters is correct in the program guides of the other providers.