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5 years ago

terrible service

I have tried everything to fix RDK-03033 error, changed everything equipment, cable, filter. freezes locks up reboots dvr, hangs up on me when I am talking on telephone, slows down my internet. what is the deal, tech after tech still not fixed

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    Hello. I know this was really frustrating, and I’m sorry for the trouble. Please send an email to with your full name and complete address. This way we can investigate this error code for you. -Crystal
  • The biggest issue Cox has with Contour 2 is that its not a Cox product, so their support for it is pretty poor. Its really Comcast Xfinity that is licenced and re-branded. 

    RDK-03033 is a network issue that is causing your primary box from talking to the Cox servers. Your internet is 99.9% the culprit, but most people think its from the CATV since that is where its manifesting and the internet seems to be working fine. Though on your end its not the best and your VoIP (cable phone) is also not working well. 

    Unplug all, and I do mean all, of your cable boxes, then reboot your modem. After your modem is back up reboot only the primary box and see if it works. If it does, the problem should be solved. It if doesn't you likely have an internet connection issue and you should focus on that. You'll be wasting your time trying to fix the TV service as that is not what that error code represents.