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Well it has been years since these "surcharges" have started. Regional Sports Surcharge now $10  (Started at $3 now $10). Th and the Broadcast Surcharge now $8. These costs (if truly needed) should be part of the regular fee for a channel to truly tell customers the cost of that package and that way they should be subject to price protection.  It seems these are just Cox way of increasing the bill claiming it is out of their control.  .I have been a Cox customer for over 30 years and find these surcharges so unacceptable and poor billing practice bordering deceitful.  Seems I must consider looking elsewhere and play the aggravating "cancel and return" every year  to get reasonable prices.  So disappointed in Cox.

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    Hi OldBob2, we value your feedback, and we thank you for your continued devotion to our products and services. Our channel lineup is designed to appeal to a wide range of customer interests including news, entertainment, music, family, and sports. Most owners of regional sports networks require Cox to carry them on our most widely distributed levels of service or won’t allow us to carry them at all. the Broadcast and Regional Sports Surcharges cover a portion of our costs to carry these increasingly expensive channels. We do the absolute best we can to provide the highest quality of services at competitive prices. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator