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5 years ago

Starz Outlander S5 Ep 12 missing

Where is Starz Outlander Episode 12 the season finale?  This is a pay channel every episode should be available.  Thank you.

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    I've checked from the end and showing S5 episode 12 is available. If you haven't please try rebooting the cable box.

    Jonathan J
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      Thank you I just rebooted my cable box and 512 is still not there.  Behind the Scenes 512 is there but not the actual episode.

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        Please try resetting the cable box again. Leave the power cord out for about 1-2 minutes, then plug the power cord back in.
        We can also send a signal to reset the cable box. However, we will need your personal account information to do so. We do not want you to post that information here on an open forum, so if you would like for us to reset the cable box, send us an email to (include a link to this thread, and include your complete home address).

        Thank you,

        Mike J.
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