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7 years ago

Spectrum Sportsnet is missing

Today we are unable to access channel 66 or 1066 on either of our contour boxes. 65 and 1065 (latino version) is listed and works. Neither channel (66 or 1066) shows up on our channel lineup, and what scares me is that they don't show up on the online guide either. That would seem to eliminate it as simply my problem. I unplugged one of my boxes for several minutes and plugged it back in with no change. Does anyone know what is going on?

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    I called Cox yesterday because I was having the same issue.  They told me it was a known problem and  are waiting for Spectrum to fix programming from their end.  1066 are also missing from the Contour App.  They gave me a 24-48 fix window.  That was 12 hours ago. 

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      Thank you so much for the information. I talked to someone on chat and after they sent a reset and had me power cycle the box they were going to send a technician out. That was so wrong.