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5 years ago

Spanish language or no audio

All on Contour box. Starting a few weeks ago, I have been having intermittent problems with sound for Padres telecasts. Zero sound for game. Sound is fine for commercials and all other channels. Thursday night football, broadcast is in Spanish. Again, commercials, etc are fine. Now tonight, SNF broadcast is in Spanish. TV on small box is fine. I've absolutely had it with Cox. Calling first thing Monday and cancelling.

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    Hello, we deeply apologize for the issue and we wouldn't want you to leave the Cox family. I have submitted an escalation for this case. For now, the workaround is to set the SAP setting to “on” for impacted local stations, so that you can hear the programming in English vs Spanish. However, if you navigate away from the local station (change the channel), you will need to turn the SAP settings off, in order for other stations to be heard in English. Is FS1 the only channel affected by this? What other channels are experiencing this issue? Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator