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5 years ago

Spanish broadcasting Thursday Night Football? 49'ers and Cardinals

Why is this in Spanish. I am on FOX HD channel 11

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    Either your receiver or your TV has SAP turned ON.  It's probably your receiver because that one is easier to accidentally change.  Set SAP to OFF or set your Audio Language in settings to Primary.  The audio will then be in English.   

    Note: When you post an issue with watching TV, you'll probably get a quicker, better answer from another Forum user if you specify whether you're watching on TV, the Contour website or the Contour app.  If you're watching on TV, you should specify whether you have a Contour 1 or a Contour 2 receiver or you have a mini-box.  If you're watching on the Contour website, it can sometimes be helpful to specify what browser you're using.  The best, most descriptive corrective action to take often depends on how you're watching.