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7 years ago

Sorter order of recordings

It doesn't make sense to me, that when I have a series recorded, that they are grouped together with the most recent one recorded available first. I have 88 recordings of ER, and I have to right arrow over all the way over past 87 others to get to the next one in the series. To partly remedy this, I tell it to play the next recording, but if it's the end of a season or I want to watch in a different room, then I have to right arrow over. Is there a way to change this in my settings? I cannot think of any reason that a person would want to watch the most recent one recorded instead of the episode that actually comes next in the series.

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    This is how the feature is setup. I do not show any way of changing the order of the DVR list. We will submit a suggestion to have this looked into for you. Thank you for the feedback on this as well.