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7 years ago

"Sorry, no results" on voice control

Today the voice control stopped working for all TVs but the one connected to the master box. Any time you try to use the mike on the remote to search for something, it seems to work but always comes back "Sorry, no results found for X." We've tried re-pairing the remotes with the TVs and reseting every box. It still works normally on the main TV. Any help is appreciated!

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    Hi, you want to be sure that before attempting to pair the remote to the box again, that you've complete unpaired it.  Try the listed instructions for unpairing it:  

    To Clear Programming (Unpair Remote):
    1. 1 Press and hold the Setup button on the Cox remote for three seconds until the red LED on the remote turns green.
    2. Enter 9-8-6
    Result: The LED blinks green twice and all devices are cleared from the remote.

    Then attempt to pair the remote again and let us know what happens:

    1. Ensure the following:
    a. Batteries are installed in the remote.
    b. Your TV is on and set to the input for the Contour 2 receiver
    c. Your receiver is on
    2. Press and hold the Setup button on the Cox remote for three seconds, until the red LED on the remote turns green.
    3. Press the Contour (Menu) button. Result: The LED on the remote flashes.
    4. Do one of the following:
    a. Follow the pairing instructions displayed on the TV and enter the three-digit code
    b. Press the Contour (Menu) button again and repeat until the instructions display. Then, enter the three-digit code.
    Result: The receiver and remote are paired.
    *The remote may attempt to pair with other compatible receivers within 50 feet.
    *Each press of the Contour (Menu) button tells the remote to change receivers.**
    *After following these steps you will be able to use the voice prompts.
    *Be sure to hold down the VOICE button while speaking, releasing it to send the voice command