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5 years ago

Some programs randomly not recording, also error message "currently internet content is not recordable"

We have set programs to record only to find out later that they did not record. It seems to be random as most of what we set to record works fine.  This has happened on many channels.  Also we get the error message "currently internet content is not recordable" when trying to record a new season.  

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    Hello, intermittent recording issues can be a hassle to deal with, and we're sorry you're having this experience. The error message "Currently, Internet content isn't recordable" does not indicate an issue. This message is related to the receiver app content that cannot be recorded. In regard to missed recordings, how much space do you have on the DVR system?

    On the Cox remote, press Contour;
    highlight the Saved menu and press Select. This accesses the Saved Menu.

    If the missed recording appears in the Saved Menu, an error occurred and the missing recording is possibly corrupted or did not record. If the content does not appear, then it did not record. If these issues persist, the best course of action is to swap out the equipment, as you may have a defective receiver. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator