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6 years ago

Skips and Favs no longer set properly.

As of 6/12, my skipped and favorite channels have become messed up.  Cannot properly reset them - some confusion between SD and HD channels.   If I skip the SD's, the HDs show up in total.   If I Skip or Fav the HDs, it's the SD's that show the action.  Suggestions?

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  • Jakethecat, I believe this is due to the changes made on June 12, 2018, which were outlined on your May statement. As of June 12, 2018 when an HD channel is available, the HD channel will replace the Standard Definition channel that is currently available below channel 1000. Channel positions of networks that do not have an HD version will remain unchanged. The HD channel feeds are mapped to both the HD and standard definition channel locations, so when taking an action on any HD channel in either position, the action would reflect for both the higher and lower channel number since it's essentially the same feed. -Colleen D. Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Is cox going to change how the favorite and skipped channels features deal with this?  LIke Jakethecat noted every channel that's an HD channel now appears twice on the guide in the lower and upper "tier" kinda makes seeing what's on kinda tedious.

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        Hi. Yinzer. We can certainly pass this along to the Video Engagement team to look into. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator