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7 years ago

since I added phone and contour to my existing TV and Internet my mini boxes don't work.

I have been with tech support 6 time in the last week and they all said once we hook up the contour that the account would miraculously begin working.  I knew it was bilge water when they said it but, after being on the phone with each one and on chat for over an hour each I just gave up.  So my real question is can a mini box and contour be used in the same household or do I have to upgrade all my boxes to contour.  I hope some one can help me straighten this out because I'm really close to just quitting cox altogether.  My TV and Internet are through My apartment complex and had to be switched to my name to be able to add any services.  I have 3 TVs and having just one working really **

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  • Hi Rljohn,

    Mini boxes will work in the same household as Contour. Are you getting an error message or error number on the mini boxes? Are you able to run the channel scan on each mini box? (Refer to

    It sounds like you might benefit from a service call at this point. My team can set up a service call at a time convenient for you. Email us at and include your full name, address, and a link to this page. We'll get those mini boxes working correctly for you!