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4 years ago

Shows Set To Record, But Don't

Did anyone have a problem recording Big Brother last night (9/15)? Although my DVR was set to record it and there was a checkmark indicated on my Guide, when it was time for Big Brother, it did not switch to record and of course, it was not in my recorded programs. It did the same thing with Americas Got Talent. I hope it's a Cox system problem, and that I don't need to replace my cable box......again. Of course, I reset all of the boxes, but that did not fix the problem.  

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    Do you have a Contour 1 or Contour 2 receiver?

    What DVR service do you have? Record 2? Record 6?

    Can you record anything?

    If you had the maximum number of programs scheduled to record and you were watching live TV too, one of your scheduled recordings would not have recorded.  "Big Brother" normally isn't on Tuesday night, so that would have required an extra channel at 8:00pm EDT.  If you have a Record 2 DVR and you normally record "America's Got Talent" and something else at that time, the lower priority program would have failed to record, even if you weren't watching live TV.

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      I have Contour 1 Record 6 DVR.  Everything else recorded ok.  I don't believe I was using 6 tuners at the times of the failures.  I guess I'll check more closely to assure I'm not using all of the tuners. I did another reset this AM and all is ok this PM Thanks CurtB.

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        You can check to see if scheduled programs that failed to record are listed in Missed Recordings on the date the recordings failed. 

        1. Press the DVR List button.
        2. Move to Missed Recordings and press Select.

        If a program failed to record because all tuners were in use, there should be an entry for that program that says "Recording failed because it conflicted with another high priority recording". 

        Or... I'm guessing the recordings were scheduled.  You could have corrupted entries in "Series Manager".  If so, they won't record.  To check, do the following:  

        Contour 1 receiver

        1. Press the DVR List button.
        2. Move to Series Manager and press Select.
        3. Press the B button (Modify Series Priority) to test for corrupted series record entries.
        4. If you see "Modify Series Priority", you do not have any corrupted series record entries.  Press Cancel and ExitDo not perform the following steps.
        5. If you saw an error message at step #3, one or more series record entries are corrupted.  Return to the record series program list.  Move to the program that failed to record and press Select.
        6. With Edit Record Options highlighted, press Select.
        7. If you see "Series Record Options", this series record entry is not corrupted.  Press Cancel and ExitDo not perform the following steps.
        8. If you saw an error message at step #6, this series record entry is corrupted.  Move to Cancel Series Recording and press Select to delete this series record entry.
        9. Reschedule the program from the Contour program grid. 

                 Future broadcasts of this program will record. 

        Repeat this process for remaining series record programs that failed to record.

        Note: If you have corrupted series record entries in Series Manager, you will be unable to "Modify Series Priority" (set priorities for which program to record in case of conflicts).  See this thread for how to fix it on a Contour 1 receiver.

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    In the last 3 days we are having problems with programs not recording, not being able to set a recording, and scheduled shows disappearing from the Scheduled list. Have powered down multiple times, had Refresh sent, and nothing works.  We started down the road of deleting every program we had recorded and at one point, magically all of the scheduled recording showed back up, and then magically disappeared again. Although the disc is only 30% full it is acting like it is full and has no room to record.  This DVR isn't even 1 year old and we've had nothing but problems with it.

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      @Methos, Are you getting any error messages? Also, how many recordings are you attempting to schedule at the same time? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      methos I am having the same issues. Two days ago I noticed my Contour DVR wasn't allowing me to set things to record. I contacted Cox and the representative I spoke with had no idea what the issue was or how to fix it. I had tried restarting & rebooting the DVR, which neither worked. The representative sent a signal to the DVR and that seemed to correct it. Then today, I turned it on to discover every single one of my set recordings were changed to cancelled and I can no longer get anything to set to record. I contacted Cox yet again. This representative had no idea what the issue was. He first said it could be a transmitter issue and then said it could be an update issue. He said he sent a signal to the box, which did nothing. I now have a service ticket in and a 48 hour wait for a response. I don't believe it has anything to do with the box itself but something on their end. It would be nice to speak to someone who has some kind of inkling as to what is going on. 

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        Ever since I got a new box a few weeks ago, I can’t record everything all the time.