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5 years ago

shows previously available On Demand not giving an On Demand option, why?

hi, just a few days ago i could request shows via Contour and click on episodes and watch previously aired episodes On Demand.  this option is not available even if i attempt different shows on different networks.  can someone tell me why?

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    Your question leads to a number of other questions.  Do you have a Contour 1 or a Contour 2 cable box?  Are you unable to watch episodes of a show now that you were able to watch before the new season began or are they episodes from new shows?  New episodes broadcast within the last few days may just not be available yet.  What networks and what shows are you unable to view?  It's hard to determine if there is an issue that's isolated to your box without any specific information.  I just checked ABC, NBC  and CBS On Demand with a Contour 1 box and it seems to be working fine.