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2 years ago

Shared channels between Modem and TIVo Tuning Adaptor

I've been struggling with TIVo Tuning Adaptor reboot problems for about 4 months now.

I've been reading a lot and I've noticed a few things.  In the TIVO Tuning Adaptor diagnostics, there is a section on the DOCSIS status.  I believe the Tuning Adaptors use the DOCSIS protocol to request and receive the SDV channel information needed by the TIVO.  When looking as BOTH of my Tuning adaptors, they BOTH use an upstream frequency of 16.9 MHz.  Further, the BOTH use a down stream frequency of 855 MHz.  Even more interesting, they BOTH suffer from (in my opinion) unusual levels of both corrected and uncorrected downstream errors (also shown in the DOCSIS diagnostics).  Usually 1,000s of uncorrected errors per day, sometime 10's of thousands.

And, just to make it more interesting, my cable modem seems to be using both of those frequencies.   But, the modem does NOT suffer from the extreme error counts shown in the Tuning Adaptor.

So, two questions.

1) Can anybody explain how three devices (two tuning adaptors and a modem) can share a frequencies without interfering with each other?

2) What is an expected error count in the Tuning Adaptors.?

I can't help but think this is related to my Tuning Adaptor reboot problems.