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5 years ago

shady misleading pricing

I am really thinking of getting rid of this service. Here's why. I was promised a promition for two years, two years in February where my price would stay the same for a year then raise by 20 bucks the second year. The reason they did this was due to me wanting to disconnect the cable service and use a firestick. So one of their salespeople (Shawna) tells me I can have internet and cable for 136.47 for a year and the price would then raise 20 dollars in the second year. I said that sounds fair (but I should have known better). It is now May and my bill has gone up by 42 bucks. It's the principle at this point. Cox is so shady with their pricing. They will say  anything to keep a custoimer and be damned if it ethical or not. I'm so close to calling the local news media on them but what would they get me? I am going to get rid of cable and use my firestick like I was going to do. Just a useless, lying sack of, well you know. 

This company ** big time. 

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  • Hi, I am sorry to hear about your customer experience and we would like to assist you, however, billing and account issues are not addressed through the forums. You may reach out to us through your social media accounts, either on Facebook, or Twitter: @COXHELP, or by emailing us at You may also reach us by phone: 1-800-234-3993.

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    go for it, you'll still have to pay someone for internet service!!