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2 years ago

Series recordings not transferred to exchanged dvr

Exchanged dvr at cox store a few days ago (not booting), exchanged previous one a year and a half ago (a different problem) at store.  On previous exchange, playlist, favorites AND series recording list/manager were "carried over" to new dvr.  This recent exchange only the playlist and favorites carried over/migrated, NOT the series recordings info, which having that last time automatically started scheduling series in the list.  Big disappointment as already unhappy lost all my recordings (again). Is this info retained anywhere/why didn't it "copy" as before, or do I have to manually try to re-enter all series recordings (a lot) many of which I will not remember?  Have seen references before in forums that it DOES get put on the new dvr.  Both times was exchanged for exact same model  dvr.  Thanks.

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