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4 years ago

SD Channels

Does Cox ever plan on "upgrading" the remaining SD Channels to HD in the Topeka KS area? 

There are many SD Channels that could be shown in HD, but unfortunately Cox in Topeka, still shows in them in SD...

Just curious as to what the plans are in the future for Cox Cable in Topeka KS

It would be extremely nice to have ALL HD and no SD channels... 


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    You'd have to provide some examples of networks because not all networks broadcast in HD.  Networks do broadcast digitally...just not in HD.

    For example, if a sub-frequency of an over-the-air broadcast station...which Cox will distribute via cable...only programs "retro" TV shows in SD, there can be no HD formatting.  In HD format, I'll assume you're not only referring to more pixels but to widescreen as well.  There can be no widescreen ratio because the information isn't there.  The station or Contour or your TV could probably zoom the image but then you'd lose some of the SD frame.

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      yes.. sorry... we have the following channels that are all SD... 230-MTVU 231-MTV Classic 232-CMT Music 233-BET Soul 234-NickMusic...(most of the the music video channels are all SD...)  also 264-Fox College Sports Atlantic 265-Fox College Sports Central 266-Fox College Sports Pacific  (was thinking Fox would carry these channels in HD?)   I heard that COX Phoenix carries NO SD Channels .. that they are all in HD... 

      channels in SD here in Topeka are so "blurry" that they are not worth watching, but I would watch these channels if they were in HD

      if you need more information, please let me know...  

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        not HD,,but digital vs analog is what's going on CMT Music doesn't even have an HD feed.  Cox is also moving to mpeg 4 from mpeg2