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6 years ago

Representative LIED to me on the phone

So when I first moved to Las Vegas about 7 months ago I signed up for internet with Cox. I told the representative that I do not want TV. I don't watch TV. But she said that the regular Flex cable plan comes with the internet for no extra charge. Okay then, fine.

Today my internet was terribly slow and I decided to look at my plan to see what my download speeds were supposed to be. I log into my account and the first thing I see is: Internet $45, Flex TV $20.

WHAT?!? The representative lied to me and I have been paying $20/month for TV. That's $140 I have paid for TV that I do not want, did not ask for, and specifically told her that I do not watch TV.

So, Cox, what are you going to do about that?

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  • Hi Luckiecharms, the Support Forums are designed to provide a place for Cox customers to obtain help from and offer help to other Cox customers. For specific questions concerning your bill, please email our team at If you wish to cancel Contour Flex TV, you can return your HD cable box to the Cox Solutions Store nearest you. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator

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      Don't worry, all cox reps lie. I've ended up with packages that I DO NOT WANT. Such as bigger internet packages, telephone, and movie channels. I've been told that when a package is in place, it can not be rolled back, and I am stuck with it,AND THE HIGHER PRICE, for another year. I was told to either live with it, or completely disconnect ALL services. When I complained about it, the store manager called me stupid, and physically threatened me.