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2 years ago

Remote Control

Will cox remote controls sync to an Amazon Fire TV Omni series?

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    you could probably try the function that is for your tv isn't shown and test each and every code one by one till one works. 

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    Comcast would take the lead on this because Cox leases the platform (Xfinity) and brands it as Contour.

    Users on the Xfinity Forum have successfully found codes but Xfinity...or its 3rd-party vendor...have yet to include Amazon on its list of codes.

    I found some on a long post from their Forum.


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      I see Amazon and Amazon-Fire TV as a option when I use the codefinder for the XR15 but it asks for a model number. I try to put in some I googled but it doesn't work. You have to type in Amazon as it isn't found in the first drop down.

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        I think URC is prompting for the model numbers of the original Amazon Fire TV sets.

        I read an article on Consumer Reports and various manufacturers have made Amazon sets since 2018.  Best Buy sold the first sets branded as either Insignia or Toshiba but to offer a "better Fire TV experience," Amazon is now branding their own to be compatible with Alexa, Echo, etc.

        Although Amazon claims these sets are "Amazon-built," Consumer Reports notes its design and specifications are very similar to TCL sets, and Amazon also announced Pioneer will make low-budget versions.

        Amazon is assembling these sets, but I think they're assembling with components from other brands.  TCL seems to be a clue.