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Getting reference code for lower numbered channels. Higher numbered channels come in fine. No splitter. Reset twice on the cable website. Still won't work. Waited several days thinking it would clear up. But it's still not working and those channels still say "Service Unavailable". Anyone else in Manchester, CT with this problem lately?

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  • Hi CTDoreen, is the error happening on the DVR, on the client receiver, or both? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    CT,  you have learned the biggest lesson of using the forum.  you posted that you don't have splitters and you have rebooted the DVR.  Now back to your question.  Yesterday I was unable to get the higher channels to work but the lower ones were fine. I rebooted the box but that didn't help.  a few hours later, the higher channels started working.  I hope you get lucky.  I have called several times for explanations of error codes, but the answers were always vague.  I don't think the means much. if your problem continues, you might need to swap DVR's.  it is free to swap.