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Recordings still not matching guide (run short & run long) which also causes DVR performance problems

This issue has been going on for a long time but there is still no resolution.

Record a sports program thats listed on the guide from 3:30AM to 11:30AM and only records for 1 hour.

Set up a recording from 10AM to Noon and another recording from Noon to 2PM on the same channel (back to back programs), The 10AM recording records until 1:30PM (instead of ending at Noon) while the other recording scheduled at Noon also begins.

The DVR at Noon begins to experience slow performance. Trying to change channels or navigate through the guide is extremely slow and takes pressing the button 3+ times to get it to respond. As soon as the first program is canceled and one recording is running (as it should be) the performance issues disappear.

Cox needs to resolve this issue. Not only are programs running to long or getting cut off before the end of the program but this is affecting DVR performance. I'm tired of calling in having someone in another country not listen to me explain the issue and tell me the resolution is to "reboot the DVR".