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4 years ago

Recording the Same LIVE show on multiple channels (live golf)

Each week I watch 4 episodes of Golf on the Golf Channel (Live 1, 2, 3 and final rounds).  On the weekend there are two additional Live events on a primary affiliate like ABC, CBS, NBC.  In the RECORD SERIES options I can only record on ONE channel - either the affiliate or the golf channel.

If I try to record both series, one overrides the other.  So I record one series and then record individual episodes on the other channel.

It's just a software/code change to be able to record the same live event (i.e. this weekend is the Arnold Palmer Invitational) Live/New events on both the golf channel and the primary affiliate channel.

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  • @Brentanmark, Are you getting any error messages like conflicting recording messages? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      No errors.  But if I record the golf channel live events (Thur-Sun), then go to the main affiliate and hit record it overrides the Golf Channel series recording.  In the Series Recording options you can say Live (new) or all episodes.  I say All New Episodes.  The next option is Channel.  You can choose the channel you are on (example Channel 339 is the Golf Channel), HD, SD.  This is the problem.  It needs to be able to say ALL NEW EPISODES on Multiple Channels.  The same event is on 339 and channel 3 for example.  So when I am recording the series on channel 3 it deletes or overrides the series recording on channel 339 and vice versa.  There are no errors or limit on my number events I can record.  It's a software/programming problem where you need to be able to record the same item (in this case live golf) on multiple channels.

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        Hi Brentamark,

        It sounds like you may have one our dual tuners. Please send us an email to with your address so we can review your equipment diagnostics.

        Cox Forums Support Moderator
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    you need to upgrade the recorder you have.

    i have the +6 but won't record a 3rd program in the same time slot a one also being recorded.