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5 years ago

Recording Sports, but exclude the Spanish channels on Contour 2?

I am new to Contour 2, and I am having a bit of trouble.

Here is my situation:

I want to follow the US Women's Soccer Team, so I navigated to the Sports menu and select the American Flag Team and to record all the live (new) shows. The issue is that it is also recording all the Spanish transmissions also for the same team.  I only want the English language transmissions.

When I selected the team, I wanted to check what channels I can choose from, but it only gave me SD, HD, and that is it.  In the older "dinosaur" DVRs, I could choose even the channels that I wanted to focus on.

So how do I solve my issue?  Currently I go through the Schedule and try to cancel only the upcoming Spanish transmissions of the same game, but then it also cancels the English transmission as well.   So I am back to square one.

Please help!  Hopefully a guru has figured this out?  Or it needs a new firmware update to tackle these issues.  Perhaps a new option: (do you want English or Spanish transmissions?)