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5 years ago

Recording From Outside of Home

I recently changed from DirecTV to Cox. I have the Cox Contour DVR & am enjoying it a lot.  I like it much better than DirecTV in many ways. However, I was surprised when I tried to set a recording from outside of my home, using my Contour phone app, that this feature was not available. This caused me to miss recording a show I wanted to watch later at home. I could not watch it on my phone because I was at work. Setting a recording from outside the home should be a basic feature. Recording from outside the home is available on DirecTV and DISH. Why is this not available? I find this to be a significant inconvenience.  Does Cox have any plans to rectify this shortcoming?

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      No longer possible with new Cox Connect app. 

  • @Apetroman, If you are away from the home, you can use or website at to schedule your recordings. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    1. Sign in to your Cox account > My Account > My Account > TV listing or

    2. (If you're not signed in, you will be prompted for your Cox credentials).

    Attn: Cox   

    Remotely selecting a program to record using would be more efficient for the user if the prompt for Cox credentials happened before the TV grid is displayed (if not already signed in) rather than after a program has been selected to be recorded.  As it is now, the "Record" option has to be selected again after credentials have been entered.  Alternatively, if processing the DVR record request could be completed after credentials have been entered, without requiring the "Record" option be made again, it would also allow the TV grid to be viewed without requiring credentials to be entered if no DVR record option is selected.

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      This ** compared to the old method. I have no way to manage my recordings.  It doesn’t give me the option to record to my different boxes.  Only the main box, nor does it let me view what I’m currently recording.   Why doesn’t the contour app have dvr capabilities I’ll never know?  Cox is so jenky...

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        Hi ddino30, our Contour 2 is a whole-home network system. Therefore, you will be unable to choose which receiver the recordings are stored on, as there is one host receiver and a client receiver (or multiple client receivers). In reference to the record capabilities through our mobile apps, this feature is being migrated to the Contour app for Contour 2 customers within the next few weeks. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator