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Recording a show in progress

I'm inquiring to find out if this has been fixed or added as an option, as it is EXTREMELY frustrating.

How is it that as a function of "Record", while remaining on the same channel, I cannot record the program in entirety. UNLESS, I start recording the program at the very start of the program? 

For such a forward thinking product, the Contour 2 DVR, This must be addressed. As there are past posts about this clearly this is not a 1 off, and it is something that subscribers want.

If this has been addressed and rectified, my apologies. If there is anything that I need to change/update on my end please inform me and I will do my part. below I reference a post from 4 years ago.

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It looks like the DVR you had before the Contour 2 DVR was a Rovi DVR. It had a completely different platform. Unfortunately, the Contour 2 DVR will only start recording once you hit the record button, even if you've hit rewind to the beginning of the show that you're trying to record. You're not doing anything wrong, the problem is that the new DVR isn't capable.

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