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2 years ago

Record specific time

I have a Contour remote. I want to record a show on a specific channel and at a specific start and stop time. (E.g., tomorrow on channel 2 from 9:00 to 11:15 a.m.) How do I do this?

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    I have no idea if this still works, but user keddy provided Contour manual recording procedures.

    Cox TV manual recording procedures are simple.

    1. Press Guide (recommended)
    2. Select program with desired channel, day & approx. start time (recommended)
    3. Press Record
    4. Select Set Manual Recording
    5. Select Record - Default "One time only" (scroll right/left for "Recurring")
    6. Select Channel - Default Guide selected channel (scroll right/left to adjust)
    7. Select Day - Default Guide selected day (scroll right/left to adjust)
    8. Select Start Time - Default Guide selected start time (To adjust, press Select, scroll up/down for Hour, Minute, AM/PM, press Select)
    9. Select End Time - Default Guide selected end time (To adjust, press Select, scroll up/down for Hour, Minute, AM/PM, press Select)
    10. Select Until - Default "Space needed" (scroll right/left for "I delete" or "I viewed")
    11. Press B Record or C Cancel

    Selecting channel, day and approx. start time is faster using the Guide #1-2 to set default values than using #6-9 without the Guide.  If a program with the desired channel, day and approx. start time is selected from the Guide, you may only have to adjust #8 Start Time and/or #9 End Time.

    This post will one day be a historical reference for what we used to have. 

    I'm going to hate having to switch to Contour when I'm eventually forced to replace this cable box. 😟😕😞😠  And, if Contour turns out to be as bad as I think it is... 😡

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      The leak CurtB provided is for Contour 2. Just in case you have Contour 1 here is the link for that

      Hey there, JonathanJ.  I didn't do it.  It wasn't me.  I didn't provide any "leak".  😉

      The link you provided includes the trailing period.   After copying and pasting it into a browser and removing the trailing period, I didn't see a specific reference to setting a manual recording, which is what DonB wants to do.  But, it doesn't matter because he has a Contour (Contour 2) cable box.  I know that because I have Cox TV (Contour 1) and the record menu has a "Set Manual Recording" option.

      Funny thing about "Contour 1", nowhere on a screen or menu does the word "Contour" appear.  That would be part of Cox's process to phase out this platform which is clearly superior if all you want to do is record, playback and watch slightly delayed "live" TV.

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        I apologize, thanks for bringing that to my attention.

        Jonathan J
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