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6 years ago

Recent reboot resulted in slow response time

My Contour DvR did a total reboot (back to the Welcome, Bonjour... screen) while I was watching a show and did not have the remote in my hand. This resulted in the disappearance of the Delete functionality and the entire system being very slow. I solved the delete issue on my own, but even after another restart the system is slow. Just changing the channel can take 20 seconds. Battery power on remote is 90%. What should I do?

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  • Hi CuriousJ, since a sluggish system is often a symptom of a signal issue, I checked your DVR's telemetry. Your DVR is reporting signal levels that are outside our preferred specifications. Is there a splitter on the coax connection to the Contour receiver? If so, are you able to bypass the splitter temporarily for a test? Unplug the power to the DVR. Disconnect the coax cable from the back of the DVR, and disconnect the splitter. Connect the DVR to the cable outlet via coax without using a splitter, and then plug in the power to the DVR. Give the DVR time time to reboot before testing to see if the sluggishness continues. If there is no improvement, I suggest a service call so an on-site tech can resolve the signal issues. If the sluggishness improves or disappears completely when not connected to the splitter, replacing the splitter might resolve the issue without the need for a service call. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator