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2 years ago

Rebooting of tuning adapters

Cox has been aware of a tuning adapter problem rebooting multiple times a day destroying any video that is being recorded and any watching of live video or recorded.  NOW, it seems that their meddling with the tuning adapters has caused the remote control devices to become unpaired. It happened to two of them at the same time. What on earth can they be doing to try and fix a problem for almost five months and screwing around with the remotes????

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    Hi Desert Rat,

    I am sorry to hear that you've been having trouble. Please feel free to email us with your service address and a link to this thread.

    Cox Forums Moderator
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    Having rebooting issues also. Exchanged 3 boxes and had 3 visits by technicians. No solution. No help from customer support. Hard to watch a football game when the box reboots 5 times in an afternoon.