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7 years ago

program not there

pulled up cheers on the voice remote now on hallmark  noticed the new enhancements watch season 1 free howis it free when it says free then it and pulls up  Netflix that is misleading and false advertising it does not even say Netflix anywhere on it  if it said Netflix i wouldn't be so upset you would think hallmark on demand

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  • Hi Sbm1971,

    We are aware that Netflix content is showing up in the Free section of search results, even when customers don't subscribe to Netflix and are not signed in to their Netflix accounts. Our video engineers are working on a resolution to this problem.

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    there I fix for that give Netflix free for a year like big red and AT&T and Tmoble

  • smb1971,

    Thank you for the suggestion. At this time, if a customer is not already a Netflix member, they have the ability to sign up directly from the Contour 2 receiver.