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7 months ago

Prime Video/Freevee & ESPN+

The last couple of weeks I have been having trouble with these Apps on my Samsung TV. With Prime Video/Freevee shows have frozen or I have been kicked out of the app. A couple times I have gotten "this video cannot be played". Up until last night ESPN+ was working fine, it did freeze up but would then continue playing, did this for a while. As I didn't seem to have problem w ESPN+ from my laptop I connected my laptop to the TV, why watch on a small screen when I can see Oilers game on the big TV. On my laptop I did get the message "this video cannot be played". I don't know if it's the Contour Box or the apps. Here's the funny thing, I have a friend in Canada, Rogers being the provider who is having the exact same problem with Prime Video and Disney+. ESPN+ and DISNEY+ are the same company. APPS or CONTOUR BOX?

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  • Hi, there. I sincerely apologize for the issues with these services. Though I have no specific reports here, if the issues are occurring on your smart TV's native apps as well as a laptop connected, neither of those are interfacing with your Contour equipment and the provider or connection may be the issue. Do you also have internet service? If so, please email us the physical address and any other pertinent information to with your name and a copy of this forum message so we can address that for you there.