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3 years ago

Pressing record in middle of tv show etc

Before you used to be able to press record and the show you are watching would record from the beginning time now when you press record in the middle of a tv show, movie etc it only records from the time you press record to the end of movie show.  Did something change on the DVR recording or did I just never notice before?  

Thank you 

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    I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. I also like that feature which currently isn't available. You can also check to see for the next time it airs and be able to record the entire show.

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    i can't recall ever being able to record after the start, recording the entire show!!

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    I remember being able to record a program from the beginning after it had started, if it had been the current channel for the entire time.  Now a recording is only from the incoming signal.

    I record sporting events and watch them delayed to avoid commercials.  (I rarely watch anything live for that reason.  With all the breaks, that's the best way to watch the Olympics, particularly if it's not live anyway).  if it's an early game that I really don't want to miss, I may change settings the night before to set that channel as the power on channel a half hour before game time.  I usually start watching a recorded game 20-30 minutes after the game started.  That's usually enough time to allow me to skip commercials (and halftime for football) for the entire game.  However, if the game failed to record for any reason, the start of the game is still in the buffer because that was the power on channel I selected.  (Contour 1 buffers an hour.  It may only be 30 minutes for Contour 2).  I start a recording from that point and reverse the buffer to the start of the game.  I then watch the game from the start until where I began recording.  I can either continue watching or watch later from when recording began.