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6 years ago

please stop automatic 30 minute extended recording of sports games

contour 2 box........

example------if i record a double header/back to back nba games on tnt and the first game is from 8-10 30 but records until 11 automatically.  now it overlaps the start time of 1030-1am for the second game AND NOW THE DVR THINKS THERE IS 2 RECORDING AND NOW YOU CANT RECORD ANOTHER PROGRAM..    i wanted to record game 1 until 1030 and second game from 1030-?  its a seamless transition to the next game, well not anymore.    that 30 minutes screwing thing up

let us decide how long to extend, if any.   some of us are experts and its embedded in our brains to extend games.    please reprogram.

*also why is 1.5 hrs the max time to extend recordings?  2-3 hrs is needed for rain delays etc....

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    Hi Billyo, We appreciate your feedback and have shared it with the Contour team. Mary F. Cox Support Forums Moderator