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4 years ago

Pixelation issues

We seem to be having pixelation issues on a bunch of channels with our contour boxes but it's not affecting the small box in the other room. We have had the main box switched with a new box the first time, the second time a technician came he checked the wires and tightened them but we are still having issues. We can't even watch TV, I have to stream shows. I would rather pay for streaming them what I am paying for cable.

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  • Hello Jules2420,

    I can imagine it's incredibly frustrating to have this happen. I understand equipment has been replaced and the issue remains. With the picture still breaking up, we'll need to help reserve a return visit to get traction on where the issue is caused. If the picture quality issue is present at random, then this can possibly make it a bit difficult to track a solution if it's not happening during the appointment. You may email with your complete address and name, and we can look into this for you. If a service visit is needed, we may recommend a date and time-frame that works best for you as well as a time-frame you find the issue is most present.

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    Are the "bigger" boxes connected to coax cables or are they wireless Contour boxes?