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6 years ago

Picture in a picture when watching on demand

When trying to watch in on demand program, it says that they are experiencing difficulty, then I exit on demand and it's shows up in the right corner with regular programming as a picture and a picture.

I have a picture of it, but can't figure out how to add a picture to this post.

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    1 question:  3 problems.

    On-Demand Difficulty:  You can reboot your box.  If you already rebooted, you can log  into your Cox account to reset your box.  If on-demand still isn't at your service, you can call Cox to re-provision your box.  I'm not sure, but you should ask if provisioning your box will delete your saved programs.

    PIP:  Contour doesn't support picture-in-picture.  Some TV sets support it.  Can you disable it in your TV?

    Uploads:  If you want to upload images, you have to use a 3rd-party public profile, such as Imgur.

  • Teebink, I was able to locate your account using your forum credentials. Please let me know if all TV/boxes are affected. If only one, please let me know which box so I can better assist with troubleshooting and resetting equipment. -ColleenD, Cox Support Forums Moderator