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2 months ago

Picture and voice out of sync

Cox channel 117, Starttv has had a problem with the voices not syncing with the picture for several weeks now.  It occurs with the cable box and the Contour App.  

I tried using the chat function and explained the issue and they immediately did a reset on my box.  They then wanted to schedule a technician to come to my home.  I reminded them that it was only that channel and had nothing to do with my equipment.  Again an equipment reset was suggested.  

Next I tried speaking to a customer service rep.  My experience was exactly the same over the phone.  

I had already contacted Starttv and they suggested it should be reported to Cox.

This problem does not exist on Youtube TV.  I tried it on there streaming app trial version.

I just cannot understand why technical support is outsourced to companies that are only able to rely on scripts and can’t think past those stock answers.  

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..

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    Same thing happens to me.   So many times I try to convince them that is not my devices because I'm capable of thinking logically.  I worked for HP years ago.  Cox basically wants to reset my devices and reboot.  Their philosophy is:   Ignore it and it will go away.   LOL

  • Same thing here, StartTV is the only channel with the issue and customer service is clueless.  Get with the program Cox, it's the 20s!