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5 years ago

Permentenly delete recently deleted as a group on contour 2

I am new to contour 2 as of March 2020, and when I delete a recorded show, it goes into the "recently deleted" section.  Then I have to go to that section and delete them one by one to Permentenly delete them.  There must be a way to delete this section as a GROUP of ALL?  Any suggestions?

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  • OldBob2...mover cursor down to the "Recently Deleted (#).  But instead of individually deleting, just press the "D" button to delete all entries.  Of course, you can selectively delete individual entries any time with the D.  Use it also on Multiple show entries too.

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      OMG THANK YOU!!!! I knew there must have been an easier way!!  Maybe this should be included in the Cox notes when you search to do this function..

      Does the "recently watched" section clear itself too after a period of time or can I manually clear that in some group manner also?  on the search instructions it says to go to the "last watched" section and select to clear history on top right ..but I think "recently watched" and "Last watched"  are two different things.  See you did so good on the first question I had another Ha Ha

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        OldBob2....I only use the "Saved" entries.  I don't see any easy way to delete the Whole category of "Recently Watched" etc other than individually...assuming the show is still on the DVR.  I don't see "last watched or clear history"....but they may be somewhere buried.

        The icons that appear under the "For You" can only be accessed individually, as best as I can tell.  Whole category cannot be deleted.  It's not a perfect system, but way better than nothing.  Other users have many other issues, so don't feel alone.