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5 years ago

Only NBCsN channel is heaving signal problem

I have COX for about a year now and just recently (few weeks ago) one of my channels NBCsN 38 is heaving problem with signal and picture is fuzzy. I have called COX and tech person came out in 2 days, change my 2 boxes and checked my cables and stated that cable in living room is not up to standard of COX (I did have contractors do work and moved wall in living   room) but I have 2 boxes and same problem is on my other in master bedroom which nobody ever touched or moved. Problem is still there and I will call them again and see what happens. This channel I watch a lot because of EPL and record all the games and also is the main reason I pay  for TV  services. Disappointed but willing to do all work necessary to fix the problem.    

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  • Hello. I a not aware of an issue specifically with that channel. This does sound like a signal issue since it is happening on all tvs in the home. Are you experiencing this type of issue with any other channel or group of channels? -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator.
  • you have 2 separate Contour2 DVR recorders or 1 host and 1 client system.  I've been having record issues with 2 DVR's.

    It's strange that only NBCsn 38 is having signal and fuzzy picture.  There have been many users out there that have no sound or stuck screen on specific channels (see forum discussion) but a single bad TV viewing channel is new....or maybe not.   Especially if both Tv's have the same issue.  Maybe you need to check with a neighbor or login to to see on PC.

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      Hi Ekhawaii, we're sorry you've been experiencing issues with recording on our DVR receivers. What issues are you experiencing specifically? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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        Sorry KevinM2, I really don't want to take away from rinoM's issue about the NBCsN fuzzy channel.  My issues are already posted on this forum as 2 DVR record and setting time in series...try searching.

        rinoM...are you still have problems, I'm curious if you found a solution to your fuzzy single channel...very strange other than some of the markets are having sound issues on specific channels when view from a PC or cell, not from a TV view.